Dichotomy – “Paradigms”

Dichotomy – “Paradigms” (www.facebook.com/dichotomyireland)

Dichotomy are another new Irish band who form part of the Emerald Isle’s burgeoning scene. Playing technical death metal the way it was purveyed by final hour Death along with hints of Necrophagist and even At The Gates, Dichotomy put it out big time on songs like ‘The Sentient Oppressed’, ‘All Seeing Eye’ and ‘Covenant Of The Forsworn’. From Kev O’Connor’s raw if not too guttural vocals to Rats’s whirring guitars tempered by Andrew Kealy’s flowing melodies and the chopping rhythms of Dave Fay (drums) and new boy Neil Coburn on bass, Dichotomy produce an intense if not inaccessible sound that fills a much needed gap in the Irish scene.

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