Dictated – “The Deceived”


Dictated – “The Deceived” (Metal Blade Records)

This Dutch death metal band continue in fine style from the traditional pattern set down by predecessor bands like Asphyx and Hail Of Bullets – not to mention God Dethroned. Deep, growling vocals courtesy of York Keijzer matched by the precision rhythm of none other than God Dethroned’s bassist Henri Sattler and Michiel vd Plicht’s blast beat drumming bring to mind all the fine hallmarks of the best in death metal. However, it’s the twin tornadoes of Sonja Schuringa and Jessica Otten that are the most impressive – whoever said that women have no place in (death) metal had better take shelter, cos these two sisters from hell were brought up on Bolt Thrower and Dissection – no wonder their mothers gave up! Churning out blurring brutality with their driller killer sound whilst elsewhere grinding out slow, ultra heavy riffs these ladies are without a doubt the twin driving force behind the menace of Dictated, a band that easily cuts it on the A list judging by songs like ‘The Basher’, ‘Rail Of Death’ and ‘No Mercy For Cowards’. Despite being formed in 2008 this is only their second album, but besides heavy touring they’ve done the right thing in honing their skills to a faultless performance. Now that Sattler und Plicht’s grounding has taken root in the solid foundation of two albums I’d like to see Dictated venture more into the unknown in creating more of an identifiable sound – nothing wrong with what they’ve got but being in this elite league of gentlemen leaves little room for ladies who can’t kick it on their own.

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