Die Hard – “Conjure The Legions”

Die Hard – “Conjure The Legions” (Agonia Records)

Black thrashing mayhem from Sweden! Die Hard take it right back to the good old days of Venom, Kreator and Bathory when punk n metal crudely fused together to create the ugly bastard son known as thrash! Formed in 2005, these guys have done their homework with a A+ star rating for catchy songs like ‘Satanic Uprise’, ‘Sanctify The Morbid’ and the aptly titled ‘Thrash Them All’ that feature in abundance scything apocalyptic riffs, screaming dragster solos, galloping drums, ugly vocals, metalcore chants, vicious chugging bass – like I said, total thrashing mayhem – need I say more…?!?!?!

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