Die Krupps – “Risikofaktor”

Die Krupps – “Risikofaktor” EP (Synthetic Symphony)

One of the founders of the German industrial scene, Die Krupps have been going for 43 years and masterminded the sound that bands like Rammstein later capitalized on! Still fronted by main man founder Jürgen Engler, neu deutsch härte rockers owe much of their sound to the synthesizer age of the late 70s / early 80s melded by percussion that came from exploiting builders tools and industrial sounds. Complemented by what are now trademark Germanic vocals, Die Krupps set much of today’s industrial standard and songs like ‘Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus’ and ‘Der Amboss’ continue uncompromisingly in that robotic 80s style, devoid of any emotion yet ultimately devoted to man becoming machine!

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