Die Krupps – “V – Metal Machine Music”

Die Krupps

Die Krupps – “V – Metal Machine Music” (Steamhammer / Oblivion / SPV)

Industrial metal. EBM. Neue Deutsche Härte. Long before Rammstein there was Die Krupps. Pioneered by mastermind Jürgen Engler since 1980, Die Krupps has long had its influence on the German musical landscape for decades, even sitting comfortably alongside Nine Inch Nails and Ministry as co-innovators of 90s electro metal. Unfortunately burned out by heavy touring during this period, Die Krupps took a 10 year plus break, biding their time to return as the scene grew to finally release their 8th album “The Machinists Of Joy” in 2013. Although this was more of a tribute to the band’s past in industrial old-school EBM, the cover of that album pays tribute to Lou Reed and in particular his 1975 “Metal Machine Music”album that reputedly had a huge influence Engler, who took its title and literally developed a style that was experimented in the 90s and is now perfected in Die Krupps own “V – Metal Machine Music”!!! With its post apocalyptic Mad Max style cover and songs like ‘Road Rage Warrior’, ‘Battle Extreme’ and my personal fave ‘Kaos Reigns’, this is a very aggressive album that is sure to surprise some both in its music as well as its politically charged lyrics, many of which go to the heart of German society, which the US residing Engler long escaped. From its brutal, tough sound to the use of fierce, old analogue synthesizers the man machine sound is completed by Marcel Zürcher’s phat thrashing riffs and ex-Accuser Volker Borchert’s insane blast beats! With Engler’s own trademark Deutsche vox adding the finishing touch to this excellent return to fine form, Die Krupps prove they are still capable of taking on new challenges with old school tricks – so world watch out!

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