Die So Fluid – “One Bullet From Paradise”

Die So Fluid – “One Bullet From Paradise” (Strataville) 

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Possibly one of the best alt rock power trios to come out of London, Die So Fluid are back with their 5th album “One Bullet From Paradise”! Blending art, class and yet a gutsy sound unashamedly nodding to the greats of rock, punk and metal, Die So Fluid took the world by storm with critically acclaimed albums from “Spawn of Dysfunction” to “Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending” and their last release “The Opposites Of Light”. With an absolute killer composing team in bassist / vocalist Georgina ‘Grog’ Lisee and guitarist Drew Richards, the talent inherent in Die So Fluid ‘s material couldn’t be higher, synthesising heaviness with massive hooks and a suave feline touch while keeping a fiery backbone to their songs, allowing them to hold their own against their more extreme peers. With 11 tracks in like style, there is a somewhat melancholic tone to “One Bullet From Paradise”, not in the least attributable to the tragic passing of drummer Al Fletcher prior to the recording. Taking time to mourn and pouring their grief into more songs, Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) was enlisted for his stix, while Drew produced the album. Well what can I say, except it’s classic DSF! From the whirring riffs of opener ‘HumanUNkind’ with its hard drumming, the social commentary reflected by Grog’s sultry tones is no less hard to swallow despite the massively addictive chorus while on ‘Bittersweet’ crunching riffs meet orchestrals as Drew’s wailing guitar goes into overdrive amid Grog’s femme teasings on this very stylish and hugely catchy track indeed! Really hitting the power and emotional overload on ‘We Were Born To Kill Each Other’ Grog tells it forcefully through her shredding larynx while Drew’s lacings of cool synths again add a measure of contrasting class – not withstanding his own wah guitar work taking the song into the starry night sky – awesome! With a fantastic contrast between the dance keyboard of ‘Uncomplicated’ and its ensuing phat guitars that really bring in the drive – not to mention yet another memorable chorus, ‘Farewell’ is an aptly titled ballad to Al, with its tender tones and delicate cellos that go straight to the heart along with some powerful, moving guitar that only adds to how emotive this song is. Despite their loss, Die So Fluid have bounced back in their own way with yet another winning release, bountiful in both its power and its undeniable sophistication. 

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