Die So Fluid – “The Opposites Of Light”


Die So Fluid – “The Opposites Of Light” (www.diesofluid.net)

If you crossed Helmet with PJ Harvey and Hole you’d come close to the awesome maelstrom known as DSF, a dark metal trio also fusing goth, punk, and new wave into a savage but suave sound with unbelievable hooks to match their shredding power! Now onto their 4th album but still disgracefully unsigned, DSF are proof that the avant garde not only fly in the face of convention, but are true to their souls. This is extreme music for the sophisticated resplendent in its superior class and undoubted intensity as exemplified by “The Opposites Of Light”, a dark snake comprising a monster 16 tracks that cuts across the band’s prior releases to deliver the liquid blackness of incantatious songs like ‘Anubis’, ‘You Suffocate We All Suffer’ and ‘Black Blizzard’, evoking visions of ancient empires, exotic cultures and powerful mystical leaders. Based now out of London and Hollywood, DSF’s undoubted strength emanates from the diversity inherent in the band members themselves from power larynx bassist Georgina ‘Grog’ Lisee, a Chelsea School of Art graduate whose work has been in demand by Kelly Osborne, Bryan Ferry and The Revolting Cocks, to Drew Richards, who’s played guitar for Miranda Sex Garden and Xmal Deutschland, and drummer Al Fletcher, a regarded session drummer for The Selecter, Gigantic (ex Flesh For Lulu), Laurel Aitken, and Lee Scratch Perry! Together they make DSF’s sound from Grog’s brazen burlesque wilds unleashed through her astonishing vocal delivery to Drew’s guitarwork that makes me wonder whether he’s playing a live anaconda such is the frenetic delivery of his eastern licks, punk raw riffs and just mental solos flying and coiling all over the place, and finally Al’s far reaching drumming through its unpredictable percussions and of course, amazing power concussions! Formidable as musicians, invincible as a band, it’s easy to see why the dark, art rock of DSF isn’t palatable for the weak or mundane – for it is a heresy, reaching into our souls the way real music should to provoke confusion, then revelation and finally elation.

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