Diemonds – “Never Wanna Die”


Diemonds – “Never Wanna Die” (Napalm Records)

Kick ass hard rock n roll from Toronto! Now onto their 3rd release in under the ten years since their formation, few bands can attest to losing nearly all their previous members, hence their laughing in the face of death attitude, the album’s title (dedicated to their 3 deceased friends) and songs like ‘Meet Your Maker’ and ‘Hell Is Full’. Despite all of this and the made for thrash album cover, Diemonds are strangely unaggressive or death rock in any way – quite the opposite in fact! Like a very cool mix of Skid Row and early 80s Scorpions, expect nothing less than energized, shout it out kick ass rock made to shout at the devil (and everyone else in the city too!). Monster swaggering rock god riffs, wailing firebrand solos, deep crunching bass and balls of steel drums meet spirited melodies, addictive singalong harmonies and shout out choruses that scream ‘…fuck off forever!!!..’ to the reaper on ‘Better Off Dead’. Leading this scruffy, shag haired pack is she cat Priya Panda, whose screams are matched by her sultriness but even more so, her red blooded live or die rocker attitude! Together, they steam through ten hell fer leather cuts that are sure to suck in anyone who is still young n wild at heart. Produced by multiple Juno award-winner Eric Ratz (Monster Truck, Billy Talent), the commercially winning and positive appeal of “Never Wanna Die” cannot be understated, and while that may turn off some die hards, Diemonds have what it takes to be MASSIVE.

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