DIES IRAE “Ethereal”, “Naive”

(Grimm Distribution)
(Grimm Distribution)

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I remember this band from back in the days. If I am not too far off I have even heard an album or two with this Mexican band. Now that their albums from 1998 and 2001 get a rerelease I can relive all those memories from back in the day. I could do with a refreshment as I don’t remember clearly what they sounded like. “Ethereal” is the first of the rereleased albums I tackle. Officially released in 1998 this might very well have been my very first encounter with this band. I cannot really remember how I got in touch with them but I guess it must have been from reading fanzines. As it was almost 23 years since I last heard anything from their recorded works I didn’t really remember what they sounded like. And upon hearing this I must say that it ain’t all to my liking. In a way they remind me of Tiamat around that time (3/5). “Naive” from 2001 is an album I hadn’t heard before. But I gotta say that I like this one better. It feels more cohesive. This time around I get a more Dark Tranquillity vibe from the band. And since that is one of my fave bands I find this DIES IRAE album highly enjoyable. This one is a keeper (4/5). Anders Ekdahl

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