DIFUSED “The Silence”

“The Silence”
This melodic death metal band is new to me. I like melodic death metal as much as I like melodeath and plain death metal. I make no distinction between them. As long as it is good and to my liking I have no problem with melodies in death metal. With vocals deeper than the deepest pit DIFUSED set out on a journey through hell. I get a Hypocrisy feel to DIFUSED death metal. Throw in some Amon Amarth groove. Add to it a dose of clean vocals and a bit of Goth feeling. Mix all those ingredients well and you have “The Silence”. You get the picture of where to find this lot musically, don’t you? It might seem like a concoction of too many ingredients but it does actually work in favour of the band. That they at times come across as a German Sonic Syndicate is not necessarily something bad. Anders Ekdahl

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