DILUVE “What The Hell”

“What The Hell”
(-/Ladymusic Records)
I’m a huge fan of Italian metal bands. Not all bands that I’ve heard have been good. Some have been really bad but mostly the quality has been high. Diluve is another in a long line of Italian bands that have come my way this year. I have great expectations on this one. I get a strong old school punk/metal feel to this. It’s like when I were into bands like P.M.S, Genocide and Beowulf and its likes in the 80s. Bands that aren’t just metal or punk but kind of mix them all. There is a thrash feel to this that I haven’t heard in a very long time. And while not the most original in any sense this still feels so fresh today that it feels like it wasn’t 30 years ago that I were into it the last time. Anders Ekdahl

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