DIMICANDUM “The Legacy Of Gaia”

“The Legacy Of Gaia”
I can’t remember why but I do know that I’m kinda looking forward to hearing this album. I must have read about the band somewhere because otherwise I wouldn’t be so stoked to hear this as I am. I have kinda high hopes for this to be a metal album of humungous proportion. And I’m right in assuming so. This is modern metal in that it mixes different styles of metal into something of their own. So you get clean melodic metal mixed with death metal mixed with a touch of goth metal mixed with traditional heavy metal. I’ll take this any day of the week over another tiresome metalcore act. For some reason I can’t let go of how Swedish this sounds. But I guess that In Flames is to blame for that too. If there is any justice in the metal world this should be a massive album all over the world. Anders Ekdahl

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