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Battle Helm Rating

Bloody hell! Has it really been 8 years since the last proper DIMMU BORGIR album? Time does fly. If you are not at all familiar with DIMMU BORGIR you should be ashamed. This is one of the most important black metal bands of all time. They have shaped a genre all their own. You can think what you want about symphonic black metal but there is no denying that they have influenced thousands of bands. I am not ashamed to admit that I at times have had a hard time grasping what it is that they want with their music. It can at times be too dramatic for my taste. Kinda like Opeth at times become too progressive. What strikes me this time is how much it at times reminds me of Sisters Of Mercy in the choir parts, especially in “Interdimensional Summit”. As I listen to this new album it strikes me how much I actually have missed DIMMU BORGIR without really knowing it. Another thing that strikes me is how much “The Hall of The Mountain King” there is to the sound of DIMMU BORGIR. They do follow in a Norwegian tradition with their symphonic black metal. This is a DIMMU BORGIR masterpiece. Anders Ekdahl

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