Dirkschneider – “LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!”

Dirkschneider – “LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!” DVD / 2CD / Blu-Ray (AFM Records)

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Oh my god, is there no end in sight to Udo’s onslaught?!?!?! With the hugely successful ‘Back To The Roots’ tour still ongoing – and a new monster European tour announced for the fall this year, there seems to be nothing stopping the Dirkschneider machine!!! With an insatiable demand for the music, fans have quickly demanded a live DVD and this is it – served up in gargantuan proportions to match the epic legacy of the ex Accept vocalist himself!!! 27 tracks naturally filled with Accept classics such as ‘Princess Of The Dawn’, ‘Metal Heart’ and of course, a searing version of ‘Fast As A Shark’ complete with those twin chainsaw guitars and hammering double bass drums along with a moving cover of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ all delivered with metal shock to the max playing and crystal clarity production. Listening to this I have to say that the band is shit hot and bursting with their energy all over this release, so I can see why the demand for more live appearances continues to grow. Mr Udo himself is simply on fire, and despite being 65 years old, his legendary cat purr meets screaming vocals are still more than enough to stir the crowd into rabid levels of insanity. On top of that, he’s assembled an awesome band behind him – including his son Sven on the power drums – that’s clearly built to destroy live and resulted in this fireball release. Catch the living legend live, and in any case, get this absolute must have DVD cos Accept should be shaking in boots if this is what they’re up against!!!

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