DIRT “Rock’N’Roll Accident”

“Rock’N’Roll Accident”
I can never let go of my past. Instead of letting go of old stuff I keep building on, adding new stuff to my old baggage. Which is why when I discovered extreme metal I still kept an interest for hardrock/heavy metal. Dirt might not be the best band name ever but luckily it doesn’t describe the standard of the music. This is far from dirt. I like the groove that German Dirt has going for them. Perhaps the tempo is a tad too slow for me but that only adds to the bluesy groove the band got going. I really like the bluesier side of things when it is done with the added bonus of attitude. In my book Dirt got enough attitude to save them from being just another bluesy hardrock band. I wouldn’t go as far as calling the Cinderellas of the 10s because for that they are too heavy. Not so heavy that I’d call them heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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