Dirtcake – “Dirtcake”


Dirtcake – “Dirtcake” (www.facebook.com/dirtcake)

Cos we are hot heads! Kicking it straight outta Montreal comes the hard rockin’ Dirtcake. And I do mean hard. With addictive songs like ‘Brass Knuckles’, ‘Magnum’ and ‘The Days We Fight’ these Quebeckers look like they’ve just wasted half the sidewalk with their 100% proof pure energy rock. Massive riffs drenched in reverb and steel pounding drum work tempered by Dixie vocals all roll to an engine driving groove – this is man rock, straight up and fired up with balls, the perfect accompaniment whether you’re facing another hard day, sweating it out on a tough job or just lookin to forget a mean day that’s just gone by – parfait!

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