“Plug In”
Dirty Age sounds like it could be some sort of reallygreat music. I’m not one for slagging off a band for wearing make-up if they do it well. Or for being a down’n’dirty AC/DC like band. On the contrary. I can find the fun in dressing up for the act. Dirty Age conjures up images of a band that tries to be somewhere between AC/DC and Krokus with an added touch of sleaze. Don’t know how true that is but that’s what my mind tells me. And it did start as expected. There was that Krokus/AC/DC feel to it that I wanted so bad. This is like the stadium rock that ruled the 80s. This has that bigger than life kind of feel to it. The “forget today and live in the future” kind of mentality that seem to go with the 80s sleaze rock. So if you miss bands like Warrant and Cinderella you might get your daily fix from this or if you like bands like Crazy Lixx and what else the Swedish glam/sleaze bands of today are called then this is for you. Anders Ekdahl

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