Portugal might not strike you as the first place to go looking for great metal but the truth be told I’ve had some great metal experiences from Portugal, and no, I’m not talking about Moonspell. I haven’t heard a single album by that band. Disaffected are described as modern heavy metal by the label. I almost get sick to my stomach whenever I read modern in connection to metal as it reminds me of that awful racket that was NU metal. But if they mean modern in that Disaffected uses keyboards in their metal then yeah, I’ll give them that. There is a spacey kinda feeling to this that kinda reminds me of that old Russian movie “Solaris” (not the remake with George Clooney). But that was only momentarily. Other than that I get a Celtic Frost circa “Into The Pandemonium” feel to this without it even coming close to that masterpiece. So if you like death metal with spacey ambience mixed with the avant-garde of Celtic Frost then this will be your piece of pie. I’ll have another slice, please. Anders Ekdahl

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