DISAFFECTED “The Trinity Threshold”

“The Trinity Threshold”
(Chaosphere Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

There is something so very familiar about this band’s logo that I think that I might have come upon their debut album “Vast” or second album “Rebirth” one way or another. Or can it be that my mind is playing tricks on me again? I swear, sometimes I can’t tell dream from reality. And with a really bad memory to add to that life ain’t easy. Upon checking the site I wasn’t too far off thinking I had heard the second album. I even reviewed it twice. That is how messed up my brain is. This Portuguese band has a style that I would like to call progressive death metal. Or perhaps progressive deathrash metal, because it seems to be just as much trash as it is death about this lot’s music. If you like your music straight from A to B you should stay away from this. This is much more all over the place. Perhaps not my fave cup of metal but they do it so well that even I have to like this. Anders Ekdahl

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