DISBELIEF “The Ground Collapses”

“The Ground Collapses”

Battle Helm Rating

When I reviewed DISBELIEF’s 2017 album, I found it very unlikely that we here at Battle Helm hadn’t featured the band in any way. But that was the truth. I was pretty impressed by that album. So with a new one laying on my table it with some great expectations that I take this one on. I have really high hopes for this one. This new one did not disappoint in any way. It is still heavy as hell and with a groove that would make Bolt Thrower proud. And that is my main starting point when I listen to this album. And since I am a total Bolt Thrower devote there is no way that I wouldn’t like this album. If you like me like your metal heavy and with a groove, then this is the stuff for you. A total metalfest. Anders Ekdahl

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