DISBELIEF “The Symbol Of Death”

“The Symbol Of Death”

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When I searched the site for any hits on DISBELIEF I came up empty. Which kinda surprised me. I would have thought that we would have featured this band in one way or another but apparently this band has been overlooked. Until now that is. I do have memories of having heard one or two previous album by this band even though I can’t really remember what they sounded like. This is deathrash of the harder school. For some reason I think of DISBELIEF in the same thought as Legion Of The Damned. The full throttle, no stop kinda band. This is heavier than Legion Of The Damned but it is none the less weaker. This is the sound that I remember DISBELIEF by. Heavy, no compromising. With a hell of a groove. I never doubted that I wouldn’t like this album. it was just a question of how much. And I gotta say that I like this a lot. There is something to this album that makes me pleased. Anders Ekdahl

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