disbeliever coverDISBELIEVER
”The Dark Days”
I am a bit confused with this lot. I kinda expected this to be hardcore death metal but then I saw that it is on Dreamcell11 and that got me thinking that this might be a bit more on the goth side of metal. The only way to settle my conundrum is to play this album. I was late in getting into Sentenced but once I got accustomed to their take on metal on the melancholic side I could not stop listening to it. I get that same kinda feeling from this album by DISBELIEVER. There is a melancholic feeling to this that hits all the right notes in me. I get off on melancholy. Which might explain why this appeals to my senses in a big way. I like the grayness that this kind of music paints with. Anders Ekdahl

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