DISCHORDIA “Project 19”

“Project 19”
I remember liking the EP this band released some time ago. If I’m not completely off base I got some slack for mentioning Korn in my review. But I found them to have that samey groove that Korn had on the earlier tracks I’ve heard. Apart from that I’m not a big Korn fan. This is death metal in the more tech end of the specter. If you have problem with death metal, or any metal that doesn’t go from point A to point B but much rather take a turn and heads for C and D before it hits the straight and narrow again then you’ll not like this. If you on the other hand don’t mind being taken on a journey that might not be the quickest but scenic as hell you might find great pleasure in this. That this is death metal there is no question about. It is just that there is death metal and then there is death metal. This is of the latter kind. It is good to every now and then be tossed about by something off the beaten track. Anders Ekdahl

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