DISEIM “Holy Wrath”

“Holy Wrath”
(Abyss Records)
OK, so you come from Latvia and you play sludgy, doomy metal. Should that be enough for me to sit up and take notice. Actually it is. Diseim are not as bad as the description make them out to be. This is for sure doomy. Sludgy and not very positive metal but hey, who needs that in world like ours. What is some positive re-enforcement ever going to do to change the downfall of the world as we know it? Why not go out with a big bang. Let Diseim be the soundtrack to the dissolving of everything we love and hold dear. Or not. Just let them entertain you for a moment to get your head off how you’ll survive the Mayan prediction of the end of the World in 2012. Anders Ekdahl

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