DISEN GAGE ” The Big Adventure”

” The Big Adventure”
(addicted label)

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To me it is a big adventure just to wake up in the morning not knowing what the day holds for me. Or something to that degree. Because most days you just wake up and know that it is just another day working to put bread on the table. Music is the great escape. I am not a stranger to trying anything once, sometimes even twice. Like DISEN GAGE. This is my second encounter with them and although I wasn’t too overly convinced the last time I will give them a second chance. This is instrumental post rock/experimental. Listening to this is get a sort of funfair feeling. It has that fairground ambience to it, although with a Russian twist to it. If you like to be taken on a voiceless progressive journey with a start but no real destination this is for you. I gotta say that this time around I am much more inclined to like this. Anders Ekdahl

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