DISGUISE “Second Coming”

“Second Coming”
(My Kingdom)
Can’t say that I’m familiar with disguise even though their logo looks familiar. Most have seen it somewhere. I kind of expected this to be, well I don’t know what I expected this to be like but whatever it was the reality was something completely different. 5 years on from the previous album Disguise return with “Second Coming”. A second album that offers a slightly symphonic (it is suggested) black metal that I find rather refreshing while nowhere near original. An album for those of you who like Dark Funeral and Marduk over Darkthrone. This is high speed at full force black metal. The kind that will knock your socks off if you don’t hold on to them. I like to be totally knocked over by the sheer force of a really good black metal band. Disguise comes close to doing that. While not being totally full on – there are bits that breaks down the assault – I can still feel the power of it in my chest (or is that the cold I’m suffering from) trying to re-arrange my ribs. Anders

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