DISMAL “Giostra di Vapore”

“Giostra di Vapore”
(Dreamcell 11)
I know of Dismal Euphony but this one too seems very familiar. I might have heard them a long time ago, or I might have just read about or I might just be wishing that I had heard or read about them. There are times when just by reading the band name I get high expectations. This is one of those times. I get the same kind of feeling listening to this that I got the first time I heard Amber Asylum. There is a cool ambient feeling to this that gives it a dreamlike air. There used to be a time when I was heavily into this kind of stuff and a time when there seemed to be a hype about this type of music. But as with all great music; it is great no matter when you play it. And this is great if you like laidback and somber music with a gothic ting. Anders Ekdahl

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