DISMINDED “Beheading The Snake”

“Beheading The Snake”

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German death metal might not have been as influential as speed and thrash back in the ages but some really cool bands did come up that impressed me. Over the last 30 years I have heard a numerous amount of German death metal. Some better. Some worse. I really hope that this will be more the former than the latter. As DISMINDED are more of a deathrash band I might be getting the best of two worlds. As I was new to this lot I did not know what to expect from them but this one turned out to be really cool. Not as up tempo as I had expected but that they make up for with heaviness. I don’t know about the whole deathrash thing I had expected. To me this is more leaning towards melodic death and thrash. Not that I really mind because this one is a good one no matter what. Anders Ekdahl

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