DISPYT “ Den ständigt närvarande ångesten ”

“ Den ständigt närvarande ångesten ”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Here we got something as odd as a Finnish black crust band that sings in Swedish. Perhaps not as strange when you know the Finnish history and that in Swedish Pietarsaari is called Jakobstad. A bilingual town on the coast of the Baltic Sea. If you like crust infected black metal, or is it the other way around?, and can’t get enough of stuff like Anti Cimex then this is for you. I am a huge sucker for stuff like Anti Cimex, Discharge and The Exploited and when it is mixed with an unhealthy dose of black metal it only gets better. This is a pretty cool record that I want to blast as loud as possible when I am out driving with the windows down. A huge two fingers up to all the fuckers in the world. Anders Ekdahl

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