DISTORTED FORCE ”Curves of Sidereal Cosmos”

”Curves of Sidereal Cosmos”

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I have written this before and I will keep writing it again as it is true. The best part about doing this is that I get to hear so much metal that I would otherwise never get in touch with. Like Greek DISTORTED FORCE. Had this not gotten sent to me I would have been none the wiser about this band’s existence. This is some sort of progressive heavy metal. From the album title I get a feeling that there is some sort of cosmic theme to this. And the music does confirm that in part. Not what I had expected. The first track takes what seems like forever to find its format. And it lasts for 11 minutes. Not the track I would have opened the album with. But the whole album continues like this. It feels like you are floating in space when you listen to this. I can with certainty say that this is not totally a waste of time. You just gotta have the patience to stay the whole duration of the songs to fully get the band’s vision. And that I no mean feat if you manage that. This was interesting to say the least. Anders Ekdahl

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