DIZZINESS/LYKAUGES “At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm”

“At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm”
(War prod)
OK so split records aren’t my thing really. Not when they come on CD and you get two bands crammed into one small, tiny space. I can take it on vinyl where each band gets a side alone to show off. But what am I to do when I’m presented with two bands on one single disk? Crawl up and cry or take it on like a full grown man? As this is a tape release we get single sides for each band. Dizziness might not have the most fitting name for a black metal band but the music they play is some old sounding stuff. This is black metal the way we got used to it in the 90s. Raw and to the point. Lykauges is the second of these two Greek bands to show their stuff. This is also raw and to the point black metal in that 90s style. Lykauges have a rawer sound that really grabs you by the crotch and don’t let go until you scream out in pain. If I were to pick one band as the favourite it has to be Lykauges. Their rawer sound appeals more to me. But both bands are very much black metal and very much 90s in sound. But they also differ enough from each other to make this a worthwhile purchase. Anders Ekdahl

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