Djerv – “Djerv”

(Indie Recordings)

Fronted by Dimmu Borgir guest vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud, Djerv are Norway’s answer to screeching burlesque femme goth metal. Girlie and sweet on the one hand, a veritable mountain lioness on the other, Kjølsrud’s vocals set the tone of Djerv’s music which effectively melds fetish punk with blackish new wave rock on the 9 tracks like ‘Ladder To The Moon’, ‘Gruesome Twosome’ and ‘The Bowling Pin’ making up this impressive debut. Considering the band only formed in 2010, rising from the ashes of their previous bands Trelldom, Animal Alpha and Stonegard, in only 2 weeks they were booked to play the Oya Festival in Norway. Since then it’s been a rocket ride to tour some more, then record and fly to LA to mix this sick little puppy – Djerv are living the rock life, and playing it out in these grooves for you to rock on too!

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