DÖDSFALL “Djevelens Evangelie”

”Djevelens Evangelie”
(Obscure Abhorrence)
DÖDFALL are very prolific when it comes to putting out albums. This is the third one in what seems like a very short period of time. Add to that an EP and you get a whole lot of black metal to listen to. In the case of DÖDSFALL you are treated to old school Norwegian black metal. The one that Gorgoroth used to play before they got into all that legal hassle. What you get is raw, primitive black metal played to the bones by folks that treasure an era in metal that played a huge part in shaping the universe that we know as black metal. I don’t know what it is about this kind of black metal but for some reason I prefer this over the grandeur of Dimmu Borgir. Perhaps I’m not the complicated person I thought I was. Perhaps I’m as simple as a person as it gets. Nah, I’m complicated. It is just that I prefer my black metal either primitive or raw like this or the full on attack that is Dark Funeral and Marduk. Anders Ekdahl

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