DÖDSFALL “Kronet I Svart Eld”

“Kronet I Svart Eld”
Norwegian black metal is an institution by now. For those of you who have had your head stuck under a rock for the last 20-25 years I pity you. For the rest of us in the know it is a challenge every time a new Norwegian black metal band could be the best or the worst. Dödsfall formed in 2010 and have already two albums and this EP on their CV. This is supposed to be old school Norwegian black metal. I can’t wait to hear it. Whenever a band starts their first track with a Ingmar Bergman sample you pretty much know that this is going to be bleak like a wet October day. This is Norwegian black metal the way Darkthrone presented it back in the 90s. No fancy arrangements or big bombastic symphonies. Just plain to the point black metal. If you fancy that then this will be right up you alley. Otherwise stay well clear of this. This is like an amalgamation of all that is great about Norwegian black metal. No more words needed. Anders Ekdahl

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