Dodsferd – “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race”


Dodsferd – “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” (Moribund Records)

Typical Moribund filth! With samples taken from their country’s near apocalyptic riots, Greece’s Dodsferd offer music to accompany the mayhem in fine style mixing raw old school black metal a la Darkthrone with a surprisingly large quantity of punk and even more astonishing, some hellish rock n roll like on their cover of the Misfits ‘We Are 138’! The result on incendiary songs like ‘Breeding Sheep’ and ‘Stupid Worthless Chaos’ reflects the rage on the streets of Athens but thankfully is a good deal more controlled thanks to the watchful eye of main man (tor)mentor Wrath, whose banshee screams and shrilling vocals could resurrect an undead army all by themselves. With some of the rawest guitar I’ve ever heard to match with a sound more akin to a chainsaw out’ve control I can barely tell the bass amidst the bestial drumming, but who cares anyway on this utterly anarchic album more nihilistic than a Greek tragedy!

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