Dogbane – “Residual Alcatraz”

Dogbane – “Residual Alcatraz” (Heaven and Hell)

Dogbane certainly aren’t young dudes – in fact, most of them are pushing 40 – but at that age they certainly know what heavy metal is, having grown up during it’s birth in the late 70s and early 80s. As such this North Carolina crew play a straight up, no frills or Pro Tools HM with a stoner groove that very much harks back to that golden era: heavy warbling guitars, deep bass and cracking drums accompanied by Jeff Neal’s high-ish vocals define good, wholesome songs like ‘God Forgive You’, ‘Ride The Serpent’ and ‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’. What I like best about Dogbane is that much as they’re influenced by their youthful heroes of Sabbath, Priest etc, they don’t try to clone them or go for the retro approach – rather, they’re carrying on the HM torch that was handed to them by their fathers and faithfully executing it on the 10 honest tracks making up “Residual Alcatraz”, so rock on lads!

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