(DOLCH) – “I & II”


(DOLCH) – “I & II” (Ván Records)

Ván Records has always had a reputation for bringing some of the most cutting edge bands out’ve the darkness and (DOLCH) is no exception. The fact that there is very little information on this band only serves to increase their mysticism as if their music didn’t already do that in bunches by itself! Essentially a re-mastering of their first two demos – “Demo I” and “Licht. Maschine. Herz.”, (DOLCH)’s music is massively atmospheric and emotionally evoking in its tranquility courtesy of the prominent haunting female vocals, yet in the distance is a storm of intensely raw guitars that are like a suave mixture of post metal, primitive black metal a la Burzum or even shoegaze! With songs like the beautiful ‘Bahrelied’, the violent ‘Das Auge’ or the semi industrial ‘Maschine’ averaging around 7 minutes the power to induce a trance like state (or outright comatosis) cannot be understated as your mind succumbs to the sonic barrage and simultaneous lull of those sleepy caressing femme vocals! At times reaching spiritual levels, the inclusion of some baritone male backing vocals adds to the darkly possessive nature of this experimental material, which by mere mortal standards should be seen as highly dangerous.

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