Doll Skin – “In Your Face”


Doll Skin – “In Your Face” EP (EMP Label Group/Cargo Records)

Ever seen that Jack Black film “School Of Rock”? Well, this could be the sequel! Schooled at the Scottsdale School Of Rock (‘…offering awesome rock lessons for students of all ages…’ lol) and still at either high school or college, the band came together for drummer Meghan Herring‘s school battle of the bands competition. The rest as they say is history – and I can believe it in this case. Turns out young Meghan also goes to the same school as the son of Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson, who promptly invited dad to be one of the judges. Guess who won? Yep. And upon doing so Ellefson (senior) took them under his wing, signed them to his EMP label, and produced this EP that was also mixed by Ryan Greene (NOFX, CHEAP TRICK, LITA FORD). So what’s all the fuss about? Well, they can certainly play! Smartly going for an old school punk sound taking in the Dead Kennedys or Bikini Kill like on opener ‘Family Of Strangers’ to L7 on the more grungy ‘Blind’ as well as Rancid on ‘Let’s Be Honest’ there’s already some good song writing in the works. Branching out further from obvious expectations they take a stab at classic rock on ‘So Much Nothing’ as well as a live alt punk cover of Dead Sara’s ‘Weatherman’. Despite being sweet 16, vocalist Sydney Dolezal actually sounds at times like Alanis Morissette and the rest of the band are certainly tight when it comes to their playing. Now comes the paradox, namely, that in punk the DIY style very much lent to the music while the musicianship followed, whereas with Doll Skin it seems to be the other way around. Doubtless Dave Ellefson certainly knows a thing or two, and gigs right now with Social Distortion, DRI and the next ShipRocked cruise are proving that while being teenagers, they are anything but a novelty.

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