DOMGÅRD ”Ödelagt”

(Carnal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I saw this lot live at 2016’s Mörkaste Småland. That was their first ever live performance, and perhaps their last too. I had not heard anything by them before that but I was impressed by what I heard. Fast forward to 2017. Now I sit here with third and their latest album “Ödelagt”. This is black metal. No doubt about it. But it hit me right now that there are actually two kinds of Swedish black metal sounds. There are actually more than two sounds but for simplicity’s sake let us say that there are two kinds. There is the Dark Funeral/Marduk kind where full on assault is the main objective. Then there is the Arckanum kind where Mother Nature plays a really important part, the more organic for lack of a better word version. DOMGÅRD are of the second version. When you listen to this you feel connected to Mother Earth. This is not about Satan or War or anything of that sort. and even though everything comes down to life or death there is something less violent about DOMGÅRD’s black metal. It is hard to explain in an easy to understand way. But once you listen to this album you might get my points. Anders Ekdahl

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