DONNIE VIE “Wrapped About My Little Finger”

“Wrapped About My Little Finger”
I’m the first to admit that there were moments when I like Enuff Z’nuff’s stuff but they were few and far away. So a solo album by Donnie Vie might not get my blood pumping but hey I’ll give everything a try once. This is hardrock in the classic way. Very melody/guitar driven in a Van Halen kinda way. The stuff American bands do so very well. I don’t miss the hair band days but some of the music these bands produced was good even to my ears. I could even handle the sappy ballads. Donnie Vie as a solo artist isn’t too bad. There is enough good stuff on this album to appeal to you out there that feel That Nickelback and its ilk have taken over too much of the rock radio. Lend this an ear instead and you get a well deserved ear wash. Hardrock the way it used to sound like is way better than any Nickelback any day of the week. Anders Ekdahl

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