Doom’s Day – “The Unholy”

Doom’s Day – “The Unholy” (PRC Music)

lol – does this album cover bear an uncanny resemblance to Sabbath’s own ill fated “Born Again” release in 1983? Well, given one of the tracks on “The Unholy” is ‘Sabbath Deadly Sabbath’ I haveta assume so! Well, this lot are actually from Canada’s Quebec City and go right back to the 80s, at least as far as main man DooM’s initial desire to form an occult metal punk band. Although taking inspiration from Venom, Misfits and especially early Mercyful Fate, Doom’s Day actually has more in common with modern horror doom band’s like Ghost what with the up front church organ keyboards on songs like ‘She’s Possessed’ and ‘Your Last Breath’. Still, the guttural vocals amidst the doom style and occasional forays of double bass speed drumming will either have you perplexed at the contrast of styles or pridefully placing this alongside Gillan & Iommi’s aforementioned bastard child of evil!

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