Dopelord – “Reality Dagger”

Dopelord – “Reality Dagger” EP (Green Plague Records)
Battle Helm Rating
After last year’s astounding album, “Sign Of The Devil”, Dopelord return on this superb 3 track EP to keep the doom seed firmly planted in your trippy mind! Formed in Poland over a decade ago, this 4 piece, whose homage to Sabbath is undeniable, form the backbone to their country’s doom scene along with other bands like Weedpecker, whose guitarist / vocalist Piotr Dobry incidentally contributed a guest solo on “Reality Dagger”. With some ideas for the songs going back several years, the bountiful sound from Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze of Perdition) does the band justice in allowing the thick, droning twin guitars of Paweł Mioduchowski and Grzegorz Pawłowski to really bombard your ears with down tuned bliss while being rammed home by the fuzz rich bass of Piotr Zin and mammoth drums of Piotr Ochociński. Well, that’s the standard doom formula I hear you say, and indeed, there’s no doubting that, however, Dopelord gamefully add psychedelia and flower power harmonies occasionally in just the right places to make their music what it is i.e. miles ahead of the pack in being as catchy as heavy as their name suggests! Opening with ‘Dark Coils’ and you’ll hear just what I’m saying as the doom maestro riff captures you instantly like the crushing gravity of a black hole, until the wah screams in to drive you insane while the dirty bass booms and thudding drums pound as Paweł’s Ozzy-esque wailings cap it all off as the song plods and rolls brilliantly. Next up is ‘Your Blood’ with its thick, stoner riff just filling your brain as the hippy harmony vocals send you off ecstatically into the next dimension while the psych solos wail and hum to the song’s massive trippy groove – awesome. Closing with the title song ‘Reality Dagger’, the drawn-out doom riffs crush in amid Pawel’s harsh vocals adding to the immensity of this 10-minute epic, while his trippy wails and melodic psych guitar effects really turn your soul inside out as the music soaks into you unhurriedly, both through its outright heaviness and in places, more harmonious compassion, but always and indeed throughout this incredible release, with utter doom conviction and total musical perfection!
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