DOPELORD “Sign Of The Devil”

“Sign Of The Devil”
(Green Plague Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I saw DOPELORD live in November last year. I liked what I heard. I haven’t stacked up on their albums yet so when this came my way recently, I thought I might as well tell you my thoughts on it. This Polish band play a brand of stoner doom that make me think of a whole host of different bands. As always you gotta mention Black Sabbath but I also feel that there is a touch of Trouble in this band’s sound. This is doomy stoner metal of the best sort. I am totally guffed by this album. I really wish that more stuff like this comes my way. Since it doesn’t, I have to treasure this one a bit more. This one is so far one of the high lights of 2020. Anders Ekdahl

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