DORMANT ORDEAL “It Rains It Pours”

“It Rains It Pours”
I can’t say that I’m that familiar with the Polish metal scene. Apart from the death metal acts I’ve come into contact with I only know of a handful of bands. That pretty much goes for the whole of the East European metal community. It would be so easy to say that this Behemoth-death metal but I’d like to go even further back and say that this is Damnation-death metal. There seems to be a Polish tradition of taking the heavier end of Morbid Angel’s sound and make it a national treasure. If you like heavy and thick death metal in a not too sped-up tempo then this will be to your liking. Heavy, groove induced death, plain and simple. There is something irresistible to this kind of death played the way the Poles do it. Anders Ekdahl

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