Doro – “Forever Warriors, Forever United”


Doro – “Forever Warriors, Forever United” 2CD (Nuclear Blast) 

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Long acknowledged as the ‘Queen of Heavy Metal’, Doro Pesch has been hitting the stages for 35 years over the course of 20 albums. More importantly though, her profound inspiration to many has seen her become an icon acknowledged for putting her fans first in regard of her own life choices as well as her trail blazing work for women in rock. Now in her mid 50s, she has returned with not one, but two full length releases totalling 19 tracks on her very first double album! Never short of friends having made close attachments to Gene Simmons and the late Lemmy, it doesn’t come as surprise that there’s a heavy n sultry cover of Motorhead’s ‘Lost In The Ozone’ but more importantly, ‘Living Life To The Fullest’ is a deep anthem composed while on a plane journeying to Lemmy’s funeral. Joining her this time as guests are Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Dead Daisies) who confirms her long admiration for Dave Coverdale in a cover of ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ (not to mention her first band being called Snakebite). Equally, Warlock’s Tommy Bolan puts in an appearance and on ‘If I Can’t Have You – No One Will’ Amon Amarth’s vocal beast Johan Hegg joins her on this dark rocker. On the face of it split between her harder side in “Warriors” and the more melodic “United”, there’s actually more balance with songs like ‘Soldier Of Metal’ being a prime example of a ballad with heaps of passionate guitar work on the former release while the roaring, hard stomping rocker ‘Fight Through The Fire’ is on the latter so her breath of talents are evenly spread making both releases of equal merit. From the double bass propelled ‘Bastardos’ to the kick ass ‘Blood Sweat And Rock N Roll’ with its twin screaming guitars trading off one another, not to mention the soaring power ballad ‘Lift Me Up’, it’s clear how inspired by the love of metal this revered veteran is. Indeed, the hugely catchy ‘Backstage To Heaven’ pretty much sums it up with its massive grooves, wailing guitars and a very sexy sax, not forgetting Doro’s own soulful vocals as the icing on the cake to this stupendous double helping from a true angel of metal!

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