DOROTA “Dayphobia”

(Noisehead Records)
Dorota Malek might be the bravest soul on the planet or just the smartest people alive in that she’s fronting her own project/band. If you want it done properly why not take charge yourself. That way you’ll know that it gets done. Should you on the other hand fail you stand there alone with your wet blanket with nobody but yourself to blame. Having heard “Dayphobia” something very wrong has to happen to Dorota for her to be the one to blame if this album tanks. This is some pretty energetic metal pumping out of my computer’s tiny speakers. There is something very invigorating about this album that promises a very bright future for the artist. I have a special fondness for strong female role models and Dorota seems to be one of these. I also like my metal good and this is good by any sort of standard. Anders Ekdahl

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