Battle Helm Rating

Listening to this I realize that this is very American sounding and a sound that I am not that glad for. I have tried to listen to Pantera but I can honestly say that I don’t get their greatness. Which is kinda strange given the stuff that I usually listen to. But there is something about this whole “punching your own chest, angry men” thing that I don’t get. And that is what I feel about most metalcore today. I don’t get what they are so angry about. DOWNPOUR are what I would describe as angry metal. With equal doses of metalcore and plain metal they have produced an album that I to begin with was ready to write off as just another Pantera sounding band, but as it grew I did too. This is not as angry as I thought at first. It is actually pretty good if you let go of your own anger and listen to it. There is a positive vibe to this that I like. I really dig this. Anders Ekdahl

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