Draconian – “A Rose for the Apokalypse”

“A Rose for the Apokalypse”
(Napalm Records)

Theatre of Tragedy may be gone, but thanks to Sweden’s Draconian, beauty meets the beast goth metal lives on! Actually, it’s possibly better given that Draconian are even heavier at their gloomiest and not a million miles away from Paradise Lost, especially in the (male) vocal dept and those guitar driven melancholic melodies. Although having been around since the mid 90s, the use of Lisa Johansson’s vocals only came in 2002 (which may have coincided with ToT taking a more electronic approach) but the combination has been refined over many years, and it shows on the classy tracks like ‘The Death Of Hours’, ‘The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight’ and ‘Elysian Night’ that feature superb musicianship and matching production from Jens Bodren at Fascination Street Studios (which if I’m not mistaken has also been used by the aforementioned Paradise Lost amongst others).

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