DRAGON GUARDIAN “Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom”

“Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom”
(Ice Warrior)
OK, I’ll admit it. I have no idea that Dragon Guardian ever existed. Perhaps I should have been better up-dated on the Japanese metal scene but I’m not. From what I understand this is some sort or retrospective release of a band that supposedly is CULT. Can’t comment on that since I haven’t heard of them. But if they are anything like some Japanese metal that I’ve heard this is gonna be widdly waddly in the best possible way. Blame Mr. Malmsteen for that. I like Japanese metal. Have done so since the 80s and bands like Earthshaker, Loudness, Bow Wow, 44 Magnum etc. I’ve kept an ear lightly to the Japanese metal scene over the years but I seem to have missed out on some bands. I can’t help think of Concerto Moon when I hear Dragon Guardian. They have that same symphonic, bigger than life Yngwie Malmsteen classic music feel to their music. If you don’t like OTT metal then you better stay away. If you like me think the world of this kind of metal then by all means track this down. You won’t be disappointed. Anders Ekdahl

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