DRAGONSCLAW “Judgement Day”

”Judgement Day”
(Killer Metal Records/SAOL)
DRAGONSCLAW sound like they are dealing in fantasy. I have not read a single fantasy book but I can appreciate the genre on film. I also like the art work that comes with these kinds of releases. It is very expressive and powerful, most of the time anyway. Musically this is very power metal-ish. You get the high pitched vocals, the galloping guitars and what else is needed to make this a metal album. And I gotta say that I like what I hear. I can stomach the vocals, the tempo gets my heart pumping and I like the melodies. So if your abstinence for power metal is at an all critical high you might want to check this lot out for a fix. I’m set until the next power metal album comes my way. Anders Ekdahl

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